"Roland Jones' stories are relevant to today’s business leaders as well as an inspiration to leaders of the future."

- Paul Schrage retired senior executive VP, chief marketing officer, McDonald’s Corporation

Roland Jones is the voice you and your group will want to hear. He has the special gift of connecting with his audiences and drawing listeners into his message. His speeches win rave reviews because he speaks from his heart as well as his head. Whether presenting vital information to a room of business people, addressing civic and charitable groups, or motivating high school and college students to follow their dreams, Roland hits the mark because he knows what he is talking about, believes what he says, and respects his audience. His enthusiasm, good nature, and appealingly plain-spoken presentation style are always backed up with thorough knowledge and real-world experience.

Among Roland’s current presentations and keynotes are:

"Barefoot Service"
Stand out service – So good it will knock your socks off!

“Stand Up, Stand Out”
Responding to every obstacle as an opportunity.

“Standing Up, Standing Out and Transforming”
Using what we’ve got to get what we want.

A mindset that is transformed from providing “satisfactory service” to giving “impressive service.”

Understanding how success is built upon creating opportunities from obstacles.

Recognizing how to change perceptions of victimization to attitudes of empowerment.

The benefits of transforming conflict into collaboration and teamwork.


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