"I am grateful for every opportunity to serve; it’s an honor."

- Roland Jones

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"Roland Jones brings great enthusiasm, knowledge and energy to every business setting. He knows how to move things forward."

- Larry Womack, management consultant/author, Outcome Management


Whether presenting vital information to a room of business people, addressing civic and charitable groups, or motivating high school and college students to follow their dreams, Roland hits the mark because he knows what he is talking about, believes what he says, and respects his audience.


Roland's extensive background in the retail service industries at the customer contact level, expertise in management and ownership, collaborative philosophy, and down-to-earth communication style make Roland an ideal consultant for today's business executives and managers. From corporate executive to start-up entrepreneur, he succeeded by being a creative thinker and a practical problem solver.


Roland is especially adept at integrating business standards/methods with employee objectives and thereby transforming groups of individuals into unified teams with defined goals and a shared sense of purpose. His skillful team-building strategies and techniques have proven successful in a wide variety of training arenas.


It takes someone with executive experience to really understand issues facing executives today. Roland not only knows what it means to make the big decisions; he also has a unique understanding of the processes and stresses involved in decision making and the responsibilities of implementing those decisions effectively and efficiently.


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