"Roland gives timeless lessons for living and working with others; he is a true gift to all of us."

- Sally Kilgore, Ph.D., CEO Modern Red SchoolHouse

It takes someone with executive experience to really understand issues facing executives today. Roland L. Jones, the first African American hired into the McDonald’s corporate structure, learned directly from some of America’s most respected business executives, including Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s Corporation, and from his own career as a business owner and entrepreneur. He not only knows what it means to make the big decisions; he also has a unique understanding of the processes and stresses involved in decision making and the responsibilities of implementing those decisions effectively and efficiently. As a coach for decision-makers, Roland is a trusted source of support and substantive advice to business leaders.

  • Enhancing workplace environments and reducing individual stress
  • Converting confrontation to collaboration
  • Re-focusing and transformation of obstacles into opportunities; turning lose-lose into win-win
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with subordinates and superiors
  • Successfully managing external and internal crisis situations and conflicts
  • Communicating management objectives and expectations--achieving mutually beneficial outcomes


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