"As a personal friend of Roland Jones and an admiring observer of his leadership for more than two decades, I am pleased to see, and be a part of, his informative, instructive, and inspiring story. It goes from confrontation to collaboration, from misunderstanding to enlightenment, from lose-lose to win-win. This is more than the story about bringing diversity to McDonald's. This is a story about how the moral courage of just one man helped countless others to discover the moral courage within themselves. Standing Up and Standing Out illustrates that, through bold leadership, we all have the capacity to speak Truth to Power. Standing Up & Standing Out will show you what leadership is all about."

Tom Burrell, founder/chairman emeritus, Burrell Communications

"Roland Jones was a cutting edge leader in McDonald's Corporation and a pioneer of business diversity in America . Nobody knows the value of diversity like he does. In the mid-60s through the mid-80s business diversity was his life. Early in my career in McDonald's we became friends and he helped me understand the true value of diversity. It was his leadership that put McDonald's Corporation on the right track and his application of the principles of standing up and standing out kept McDonald's in front, and they're still leading the field. If you want to be a leader read Standing Up & Standing Out. It's the vehicle to get you across the finish line."

Ed Rensi, retired president/CEO of McDonald's USA and current NASCAR team owner

"Standing Up & Standing Out is a primer on providing customer service and the personal rewards that such a focus creates. Roland Jones's story is an inspiring story of how a few business pioneers made a difference not only in the business world, but in the communities that business has so often overlooked---a must read."

Lawrence Jackson, executive v.p., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc./president and CEO, Global Procurement

"Standing Up & Standing Out is a riveting read for everyone---of any age, heritage, or career. Roland’s life and career mature as corporate America struggles to understand the value of diversity and equality of opportunity, and he allows the reader to walk with him through trials and triumphs. His story gives timeless lessons for living and working with others----a true gift to us all."

Sally Kilgore, Ph.D., president/CEO, Modern Red SchoolHouse

"Roland Jones was extremely helpful in our early efforts to reach and communicate with the Black consumer market. With his help, McDonald’s soon became a leader in meaningful communication to this important audience. His story is relevant to today’s business leaders as well as an inspiration to leaders of the future."

Paul Schrage, retired senior executive v.p., chief marketing officer, McDonald’s Corporation

"Standing Up & Standing Out is the best story on African American economic development in the history of America."

Bill Pickard, Ph.D., a McDonald’s franchisee and adjunct professor,
University of Michigan School of Business

"This is a rare opportunity to see how ethical leadership can work in corporate America. Standing Up & Standing Out is outstanding and will stand up well – a must read in today’s business climate."

Richard Manson, attorney/author

"In Roland Jones’s Standing Up & Standing Out, everybody is a winner; it is rewarding and at times moving and compassionate. Every reader will come out ahead through his timely advice and practical wisdom."

Larry Womack, author, Outcome Management

"This book documents Roland’s early application of uncompromising values and principles that greatly contributed to the success of McDonald’s Corporation. The principles in Standing Up & Standing Out applies to all eras of business, therefore remain relevant and applicable today in preparing our next generation for demands of the future."

John D. Cook, retired senior v.p., people and organization/ombudsman, McDonald’s Corporation

This is a fascinating story of how a few men rose above victimization, selfishness, and personal egos in working together to open up corporate America to new and better ways of doing business."

Bill Armstrong, Ford/Toyota dealer and president, Minority Ford Dealers Association

"Standing Up & Standing Out is inspirational for old and young alike. Roland Jones captures the soul of one of America’s most turbulent periods. His warm and personal presentation is living testimony to the saying, 'Wisdom is knowledge born by the events.'"

John E. Maupin Jr., D.D.S., M.B.A., president, Morehouse School of Medicine


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