"Roland Jones was a cutting edge leader in McDonald’s Corporation and a pioneer of business diversity in America."

- Ed Rensi retired CEO of McDonald’s USA and current NASCAR team owner


 U S Army, Personnel Administrative Specialist, honorable discharge 1960 - 1963
Served as specialist in office administration, human relations, classification and assignment.

 Classroom Teacher, Memphis City School System, Memphis, TN 1963 -1964
Taught Biology, General Science, and Physical Education.

 WESY- AM, Radio Greenville, MS 1964 -1965
General radio announcing duties including, advertising script, on air commercial, news, weather, signature jazz, rhythm and blues shows.

 Convenience store owner/operator, Greenville, MS 1964 -1965
Fulfilled duties of a typical small retail business owner. Daily activities included customer service, purchasing, inventory control, bookkeeping, accounts receivable/payable, merchandising, local store marketing, and staff supervision.

 McDonald's Restaurant Manager, Washington , DC , MD, VA, 1965 - 1968
Responsible for implementing the McDonald's Business System including operations, standardized procedures, human resources, purchasing, inventory control, amassing/analyzing statistical data, training, sales, profit, merchandising, and local store marketing.

 McDonald's Corporation, Regional Consultant, Chicago , IL 1969
Served franchisees throughout and area consisting of the thirty-one franchised restaurants. Consulted on overall business, operational, and reinvestment issues. Other responsibilities included monitoring of product packaging; quality control, merchandising, federal, state, and local government law compliance.



Founder, National Black McDonald's Operators Association, Chicago, IL 1970
A self-help business organization focused on collaboration and teamwork in maximizing the effectiveness of the McDonald's Business System with African American owners and operators.

McDonald's Corporation, Senior Business Consultant, Chicago , IL 1970 - 1972
Consulted with business owners and senior management in marketing, training, business and operations. Other responsibilities included training corporate franchise consultants throughout the seven state - Midwest Region.

McDonald's Corporation, Regional Department Manager, Chicago , IL 1972 - 1974
Recruited, hired, trained and managed a team of franchise business consultants that provided service throughout Illinois , Missouri , Indiana and Wisconsin . Led franchise collaborative initiatives in marketing, purchasing, merchandising, packaging and distribution concepts.

McDonald's Corporation, Director Urban Operations, Chicago , IL 1974 – 1976
Reported to the president in creating and managing a corporate level department that directed training and implementation of McDonald's Business System in hard-core urban markets. Collaborated with and provided consultation service to corporate management; determined urban market developmental direction; consulted with and provided staff support and training for regional vice presidents. Also initiated and organized a collaborative purchasing effort in minority supplier development.

McDonald's Corporation, Multiple Restaurant Owner,- Nashville TN 1976 -1990
Developed, owned, operated and managed inner city franchised restaurants in three city locations.

McDonald's Corporation, Owner/Operator Advisory Board 1978 - 1980
Elected to serve on one of several regional operators' advisory boards that led to election to serve on the National Operators' Advisory Board. Both organizations provided field input and advised McDonald's regional and corporate management in system operations, product development, human relations, purchasing, local market trends, and real estate.



President, National Black McDonald's Operators Association 1980 -1982
Developed a collaborative self-help sales and profits building program and built positive awareness of the McDonald's brand in African American communities. Organized a minority supplier development initiative. Served as media spokesperson for the organization.

Partner, Jones & Jones Contractors, Nashville, TN 1983 - 1999
Served as internal consultant and vice president of marketing and development. Instrumental in developing the construction consortium that built the NFL stadium in Nashville, TN.

Citizens Bank, Board Member, Nashville, TN 1984 - 1986
Served on the loan committee, and as chair of the personnel committee.

Partner, Raised In Music City –Nashville, TN 1986 - 1989
An active participant, as advisor/consultant to a wholesale printing company, which converted from a franchise system to an independent business.

Partner, Jones and Jones Business Group, Nashville, TN 1986 - 1999
Served as an advisor to construction, real estate, and material distribution companies.

Sun Trust Bank, Advisory Board, Nashville, TN 1989-1990
Served on a five-member advisory committee, and provided input on marketing, community reinvestment and affirmative action.



The Bank of Nashville, Board Member, Nashville, TN 1990 - 1995
Charter board member. Served on the loan, compensation, and marketing committees

Independent Business Consultant, Nashville, TN 1990 - present
Engagements include franchiser/franchisee relationships and strategies; diversity training and management. Clients primarily consist of companies in the hospitality, food, and retail industries.

Checker's Drive-Thru Restaurants, Franchise Owner, Nashville, TN 1991- 1994
Introduced Checker's Drive-Thru Restaurants to Middle Tennessee, including implementing and expanding the business and operational systems. This process included, real estate, site development, construction, marketing, purchasing, vender, and workforce activation.


 1970/2000's Boards, Memberships and Commissions

  • Metro Nashville Board of Zoning Appeals, Vice Chair
  • Metro Nashville Amateur Sports Committee, Co-Chair
  • Metro Nashville, Mayoral Business Advisory Committee, Co-Chair
  • Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chair, CEO Roundtable and board member
  • The Bank of Nashville, charter board member
  • National Black McDonald's Owner Association, charter board member
  • McDonald's of Middle TN business association, board member and treasure
  • Metro Nashville Education Foundation, charter board member
  • NashvilleRead, board chair and past president (literacy)
  • Middle Tennessee State University, president's advisory council
  • Nashville Community Foundation, charter board member
  • Nashville Growth Enterprises, board member (TN State University School of Business)
  • 100 Black Men of Middle TN, charter board member and past president
  • 100 Black Men of America, board member
  • Metro Nashville Development and Housing Agency, board member and vice chair


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