Excerpts From "Standing Up & Standing Out"


Bottom line, I don't think Mr. Kroc thought much about race. That, and his early 20th century upbringing, best accounts for blunders like the Paul Harvey speech and the Nixon campaign contribution, which showed his ignorance of racial sensitivities. But it also goes to the heart of the man I knew. His "race" as his business. He loved McDonald's and all the people who were part of it. Whatever position a person held in the company, Mr. Kroc expected them to work hard, perform with competence, put the customer first, and most important, be loyal to McDonald's mission and standards—just what he expected of himself.

Yes, he could be insensitive and temperamental. But racist? All my life, I've dealt with racial prejudice in its many forms. I believe that racism is a conscious decision. For an adult to act on the assumption that his own group is superior to any other group is a deliberate choice. The Ray Kroc I knew had his share of flaws, as we all do, but racism wasn't one of them.

Acknowledgements i
Foreword by R. Lee Dunham vi
Introduction ix
Chapter 1 Almost Everything You Need to Know 1
Chapter 2 The Business of Learning 23
Chapter 3 Mapping Out a New Course 39
Chapter 4 The Bottom Line Is Service 56
Chapter 5 Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire 80
Chapter 6 Moving Up the Ladder 105
Chapter 7 Turning New Corners 154
Chapter 8 Keeping Good Company 181
Chapter 9 Step Up, Step Back, Step Aside? 219
Chapter 10 Taking It Nationwide 249
Chapter 11 Bringing the Lessons Home 287
Chapter 12 Expansion on the Front Burner 334
Chapter 13 Still Making Waves 355
Epilogue   380

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  1. Introduction
  2. A Crisis and Unexpected Opportunities
  3. My First Speech to Franchisees
  4. Was Ray Kroc a Racist?
  5. Judgements
  6. My Principles of Standing Up
    And Standing Out


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