Excerpts From "Standing Up & Standing Out"


When I was a kid, my grandmother Mama-Totcy Jones taught me and her other grandchildren to "stand out and don't blend in." The older I got and the more of life I experienced, the better I understood Mama-Totcy. By telling us to "stand out," she was encouraging us to become the kind of people who do the right thing, even when it's not popular, and to set the standard for others. She wanted us to know that doing right takes courage because it often involves going against the crowd and bucking conventional thinking. She was also giving us her support and letting us know that we wouldn't be alone when we stood up for what we knew to be right.

As I was choosing the title for this book, several people suggested I use the word "leadership" in the title. "Everybody wants to be a leader," I was told, "and that will sell your book." But I found myself thinking about Mama-Totcy's teaching and her influence on me and my career. I've been fortunate to work with outstanding leaders, like Ray Kroc, who created massive changes in business and in society. Yet many of the best and most successful leaders I've known are people who are great but not famous because they weren't recognized for wealth or celebrity. Only a relatively few people can be captains of industry or heads of state, but in our daily lives and careers, the opportunities for leadership are limitless. What makes real leaders is their willingness to stand up and do the right thing in any situation. Most of my own role models, particularly in business, were, on the surface, average men and women, but each of them drew strength from a deep core of principles that shaped their actions and inspired others to follow their lead. Somewhere in their lives, they had learned what Mama-Totcy taught me.

Acknowledgements i
Foreword by R. Lee Dunham vi
Introduction ix
Chapter 1 Almost Everything You Need to Know 1
Chapter 2 The Business of Learning 23
Chapter 3 Mapping Out a New Course 39
Chapter 4 The Bottom Line Is Service 56
Chapter 5 Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire 80
Chapter 6 Moving Up the Ladder 105
Chapter 7 Turning New Corners 154
Chapter 8 Keeping Good Company 181
Chapter 9 Step Up, Step Back, Step Aside? 219
Chapter 10 Taking It Nationwide 249
Chapter 11 Bringing the Lessons Home 287
Chapter 12 Expansion on the Front Burner 334
Chapter 13 Still Making Waves 355
Epilogue   380

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  1. Introduction
  2. A Crisis and Unexpected Opportunities
  3. My First Speech to Franchisees
  4. Was Ray Kroc a Racist?
  5. Judgements
  6. My Principles of Standing Up
    And Standing Out


Standing Up & Standing Out
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