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"Roland Jones is an inspirational and instructive leader who transforms confrontation to collaboration; misunderstanding to enlightenment and lose-lose to win-win."

- Tom Burrell, founder/chairman emeritus, Burrell Communications

When Roland Jones took his first job with McDonald's, there were no blacks in any corporate capacity, no black restaurant owners, no black supervisors in the system, and only one black restaurant manager. That was how America did business. Today the company has hundreds of black, other minority, and female owners, and the corporate structure is a model of diversity. No one knows more about how the fast-food giant got from there to here than Roland Jones, the first black man to break the corporate color barrier in McDonald's.

Standing Up and Standing Out is his story—and the story of the unsung heroes, black and white, whose determination and courage changed the culture and the complexion of a great company. Told by a man who was there from the beginning, this is the true story of the trials and triumphs, the disheartening setbacks and lasting achievements of their struggle. The message of Standing Up and Standing Out is a powerful reminder that positive change is possible, in any institution, when people are willing to work hard, join together for mutual help and support, focus on goals that serve everyone, and act with integrity.

Standing Up and Standing Out is a book about business, but much more than a business book. It is filled with remarkable examples of how principled people, regardless of their social and economic situations, can win out over prejudice and ignorance. For anyone who dares to dream, this book will continue to be a source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, guiding principles, and practical ideas. In times of stress and of success, Standing Up and Standing Out is a book you will come back to, again and again.

Acknowledgements i
Foreword by R. Lee Dunham vi
Introduction ix
Chapter 1 Almost Everything You Need to Know 1
Chapter 2 The Business of Learning 23
Chapter 3 Mapping Out a New Course 39
Chapter 4 The Bottom Line Is Service 56
Chapter 5 Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire 80
Chapter 6 Moving Up the Ladder 105
Chapter 7 Turning New Corners 154
Chapter 8 Keeping Good Company 181
Chapter 9 Step Up, Step Back, Step Aside? 219
Chapter 10 Taking It Nationwide 249
Chapter 11 Bringing the Lessons Home 287
Chapter 12 Expansion on the Front Burner 334
Chapter 13 Still Making Waves 355
Epilogue   380

Read excerpts

  1. Introduction
  2. A Crisis and Unexpected Opportunities
  3. My First Speech to Franchisees
  4. Was Ray Kroc a Racist?
  5. Judgements
  6. My Principles of Standing Up
    And Standing Out


Standing Up & Standing Out
Hardback Book

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